Based on an average shop of $10M in fabrication revenue, our members typically see some of these benefits:

  • Stone Supplies – Rebates of up to $6,000 and savings of up to $30,000
  • Voice over IP – annual savings of up to $12,000
  • Credit Card Processing – annual savings between $2,000 and $20,000
  • Tooling – yearly savings of 10 to 20% from key distributors and suppliers
  • Sink Program – annual savings between $50,000 to $75,000


Our members enjoy being part of the leading surfacing group in North America because of exclusive benefits like:

  • Monthly group support calls on key topics and key industry presenters
  • Library of documents on processes, best practices and insights
  • Rockhead Customer Service Training Program (powered by DiJulius Group)
  • Rockhead Sales Training University (powered by Cardone)
  • Live Meetings – four per year including presenting speakers and visits to state of the art shop visits
  • Shop audits by fellow fabricators


Ever thought about comparing your financials with another fabricator? How about dozens of them? We can make it happen:

  • Centralized benchmark software developed specifically for our organization.
  • Capture key performance indicators.
  • Learn from your peers by benchmarking against others at the same revenue level.
  • Data storage for future reporting analytics.



Once a month we select a topic that is important to your business and cover it during a webinar or live meeting. We focus on:

  • Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Customer Services
  • Human Resources
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Production best practices
  • Financial benchmarks and performance
  • Safety standards and improvements
  • Fastest growing private group of surface fabrications in North America
  • Members share the most advanced fabrication and installation practices in the market
  • Large buying power – our group represents over $1B in gross sales
  • Engaged audience – our members share their performance, stories and financial data
  • Peer-to-peer network focused on business acumen, best practices and networking


  • Believes in providing a safe and reliable work environment for his/her employees
  • Is a leader driven by innovation, efficiencies and accountability
  • Excels to be part of the Best-in-Class in the stone industry
  • Develops, measures, executed and shares benchmarks and processes for the continued success of his/her company


The Rockhead Group USA, LLC is a council comprised of the “Best in Class” stone fabricator executives all over the U.S. We primarily offer business intelligence along with preferred partnerships to key industry vendors for all of our Rockhead members.


The focus of Rockhead Group USA is to bring a high level of business intelligence into its international network of fabricators; thus resulting in much higher levels of consumer satisfaction and subsequently, greater profits for our members.


We envision raising the industry bar to push our own limits and grow; from better products, to better employees, to better processes for our members. Rockhead Group USA partnered with vendors to bring the best product to the market through its international network.



  • Business people before surfacing fabricators – our members are focused on driving well managed, technologically advanced operations that yield to profits
  • Networking Opportunities – best in class business owners, managers and high-level executives join forces to develop their skill set and business opportunities
  • Benchmarking – data sharing allows to develop financial benchmarking and processes that allow for industry development
  • Best Practices – our group shares trade best practices for the bettering of their businesses and their peer group
  • Experience Speaks for Itself – our members are experienced in the business and share their data. Furthermore, we bring featured guest speakers to share their knowledge related to critical parts of the business

100,000 ft View

Rockheads meet virtually each month to idea generate and share, to document best practices and to benchmark industry standards.

Quarterly Events

Rockheads hosts 3–4 quarterly in-person retreats to truly delve into the issues facing the serious stone fabricator.

Client Focus

We want to bring a high level of business intelligence into our international network of fabricators.

Local Knowledge

Rockheads members are committed to the benchmarking/best practices foundation and require members to share financial and other business data.