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The Rockhead Group USA, LLC is a council comprised of the “Best in Class” stone fabricator executives all over the U.S. We primarily offer business intelligence along with preferred partnerships to key industry vendors for all of our Rockhead members.


The focus of Rockhead Group USA is to bring a high level of business intelligence into its international network of fabricators; thus resulting in much higher levels of consumer satisfaction and subsequently, greater profits for our members.


We envision raising the industry bar to push our own limits and grow; from better products, to better employees, to better processes for our members. Rockhead Group USA partnered with vendors to bring the best product to the market through its international network.

Rockhead Management Team

Rich Katzmann


Rich Katzmann is an accomplished executive with significant experience in business intelligence, marketing, data, and value-based strategic decisions. Rich is enthusiastic about making a difference in the surfacing industry and has a deep understanding of the mission and vision of the Group – to be the “Best in Class” stone fabricator executives in North America.

He has a background that involves serving as the president of Laser Products Industries, where he transformed organizations and teams into formidable leaders within their respective industries.

Eric Behrends


Eric Behrends is a seasoned professional with a decade-long commitment to the stone countertop industry, where his passion for the craft has been the cornerstone of his success. His extensive experience has allowed him an innate ability to forge lasting partnerships and secure substantial business opportunities.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Eric is known for his commitment to innovation, a keen eye for industry trends, and a genuine love for the craft. Outside of work, he enjoys writing and performing music as a professional saxophonist and spending quality time with his family.

Ari Hartung


Ari has years of experience in managing large-scale customer service operations. She spent more than a decade in customer-facing operations within luxury branded hotels. In the demanding 24-hour-a-day, 365 days-a-year hospitality world, she managed customer experiences for guests who expect and deserve the best.

Ari’s strengths include (1) focusing on customer priorities and needs; (2) identifying and analyzing the causes of operational inefficiencies; (3) creating and implementing quality business processes; (4) executing business plans; (5) ensuring adherence to business processes; (6) focusing on customer feedback and process improvement; and (7) identifying and developing talented customer service professionals.

Rockhead Team

Jon Kaplan

Rockheads Founder

Jon Kaplan is an accomplished executive with a proven record of consulting successful businesses in many different industries.


Nick Began

Rockheads Founder

Nick has over 30 years in the countertop industry. His countertop company, International Countertop Consultants, has a proven process that specializes in the multi-family space.

Paul Menninger

Rockheads Founder

Paul Menninger is the founder of Capitol Granite in Richmond, Virginia.

Bill Heuer-small

Bill Heuer


Owner of TCF MW, TCF AZ, Speedlabel, HOTSAUCE YOUR TOPS.

Geoff Gran-small

Geoffrey Gran


Owner of TCF MW, TCF AZ, Speedlabel, HOTSAUCE YOUR TOPS.

Eric Tryon

Rockheads Founder

Eric founded the award-winning Premier Surfaces, a Southeastern U.S. countertop fabrication and installation business….

We are business people before surfacing fabricators

Our members are focused on driving well managed, efficient and technologically advanced operations that yield profit.

Our networking opportunities are unmatched.

Unlike other organizations, we have a tight-knit group of business owners, managers and high-level executives who join forces regularly to develop their skill sets and create better ways forward for their companies.

Insights on critical parts of business management.

By sharing data and ideas, our members build upon their peers with useful expertise. Additionally, our featured guests and area ambassadors provide insights for critical parts of business management.

Best practices strategies.

Our Group shares and supports one another in trade best practices to better their businesses and one another as leaders.

Data sharing opportunities.

Data sharing allows our Group to develop financial benchmarking and processes that each individual company can take advantage of for scaling and optimizing their business.


We have worked with the world’s most sophisticated businesses in the stone industry.

We represent almost $1.8B in countertops sold in North America, with our 100+ members combined. Our group continues to lead the surface fabrication category and the numbers show it.

The Rockhead Group USA was founded by a group of stone fabricators dedicated to ethical and best practices in the industry. A primary requirement of membership is the Natural Stone Institute’s accreditation which is a rigorous examination process including a voluntary OSHA inspection. The group saw the need for a trade group specifically focused on the stone fabrication industry, with ample time dedicated to developing best practices specific to the fabrication of natural stone and quartz.


We represent over $1.8B in countertops sold in North America.


We pride ourselves on achieving accreditation, as a best practice, for the value it brings our businesses, customers, and employees.

Our commitment to the stone industry has seen us build a truly business driven, value-based network.