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We’re looking for an Executive Director to join our team. Are you ready to manage the best surfacing group in North America? Apply below, but first, check the qualifications and experience needed.

TITLE: Executive Director (ED)

REPORTS TO: Owners (Shareholders)

FUNCTION: Serves as the Executive Officer collaborating with, and under the direction of, the Board of Directors to implement strategic plans and manage the relationships with the Membership. Has the full authority and responsibility for overseeing the Company’s vision and leading business decisions to drive company growth. Is responsible for all administrative and program responsibilities outlined below as well as all other duties required.


A. Oversee all facets of the member and sponsor experience for Company functions and day to day experience.
B. Vendor Sponsorship / Programming Initiatives
a. Assist with Recruitment & Retention Programs
b. New Vendor Member Programs implemented that meet the following requirements:
i. Provide a Quality Service to the Membership Fabricators
ii. Provide a financial or additional service benefit the Fabricators can’t receive unless a Rockhead Member
iii. Provide a rebate or sponsorship revenue or both to the Rockhead Group Corporation IAW PDP (annual approved budget).
C. Membership Initiatives
a. Assist with Recruitment & Retention Programs
b. Membership goals as anticipated:
i. By 12/31/22-110 members (per PDP)
ii. By 12/31/23-125 members (per PDP)
iii. By 12/31/24-150 members (per PDP)
D. Complete oversight of Company Branding
a. Direct consultants on projects
b. Represent the Company at Company gatherings, social and other trade events in a manner that strengthens the brand.
c. Manage Public Relations Programs
E. Serve as liaison to active committees established by the owners
a. Facilitate meeting, prepare reports, and document discussions
b. Oversee conference call activities
c. Oversee/and participate in on-site management
d. Produce quality & informative content for the membership
F. Responsible for Annual Benchmarking Report
a. Goal is to get 100%-member participation
b. Analyze data to determine patterns, opportunities for member improvement and new vendor programs to highlight biggest challenges of the membership
G. Membership Programs
a. Review/input Membership Newsletter
b. Review/input Annual Report
c. Review/input all other communication items as necessary
d. Input/oversight of Rockheads marketing activities
H. Oversee all financial activities
a. Prepare (in conjunction with Owners) and monitor annual budget & 5-year plan (PDP)
I. Identify potential opportunities and risks for the Company in the current business environment. Present to the owners on a regular basis your findings.
J. Manage long-term administrative/office management needs
K. Manage various public grants / financial incentive programs that improve the financial stability of the Organization.


  • Previous management experience with fiscal accountability required
  • Demonstrates effective negotiation and collaboration skills
  • Demonstrates ability to provide Leadership, Management, and Accountability
  • History of working with and managing a Board of Directors.
  • Strong Understanding of Fabrication Business and ability to understand Members needs and current industry issues is a plus (but not required)
  • Ability to set up/run conferences (both virtual and in-person)
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft office and virtual meeting software

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