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GranQuartz Opens Third Distribution Center


GranQuartz has recently opened its third regional distribution center, located in Elk Grove Village, IL, northwest suburb of Chicago.  Combined with the other two distribution centers, located in Commerce, CA and Norcross, GA, the new 35,000 sq. ft. facility gives GranQuartz the ability to service 99% of the US population within 2 days.

Coupled with GranQuartz 10 other store locations, nearly 80% of the US population can be serviced next day on the majority of GranQuartz’s stocked items.  This facility includes a full GranQuartz store and sales counter located just 1 mile away from the previous store location, where it was located for over 15 years.  In support of the new distribution center, GranQuartz has invested in people, equipment, and technology making this location one of the best in the company.

Why does GranQuartz need a third distribution center?  GranQuartz is committed to improving the customer experience and overall service to its customer base.  After a review of every shipment from the prior two years, it was determined that dividing the country into 3 regions and having a fully stocked distribution center in each region was the best way to service the customer base.

In addition, GranQuartz spent the beginning of 2019 revamping the inventory levels in each of its store locations and shipping points to ensure that 95% of what the customers are buying is available within 1 day of their closest location.  There are some exceptions, such as larger material handling equipment, which will reside in the regional distribution centers or only the Norcross, GA location, but for the vast majority of the inventory can be depended on for faster lead-times on more items, shipped from fewer locations.  GranQuartz has committed and will continue to invest in itself to improve their overall value proposition and customer experience.