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Group Purchasing

Our vendors rock and can be of great benefit to your business! These are just some member saving programs available from our extensive list of vendor partners:

Professional sales training with an assigned coach through Rockhead Sales University – Discounted program and collaboration

Customer Service Training with DiJulius – Minimum $2,000 in savings

Stone supply and tooling programs with Braxton Bragg & Gran Quartz – Average spend of $250,000, savings range from 15%-18%

Voice communications through Spectrum VOIP – Over 50% of Rockheads use this service with an average annual savings of $12,000 -$24,000

Featured Vendors


Moksh Tech/CAD

When the shop is busy and people feel spread thin, proper delegation can be your saving grace. Rockheads has found the solution for our members and negotiated exclusive rates and benefits! Our newest vendor partner is a global outsourcing agency that can help simplify your workflow and buy your time back.


ActionFlow is a software developed to provide countertop fabricators with a powerful business management solution that improves efficiency, organization and overall company profitability.


Market your products and services to industry leading surface fabrication business owners.


Purchasing Offers

With more than 30 vendor partnerships, our members not only have exclusive access to Rockheads Only pricing, rebates and buying programs but network relationships that go well beyond dollars saved.

Materials, Machinery, Supplies

Sales, Marketing, Tech

Business, Financial, Services

Rockhead Vendor Program

Our vendor packages give you great exposure to all Rockhead members. It’s up to you how much you want to engage! Current partners take advantage of program presentations, share area expertise, build awareness and relationships!