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We had over 110 attendees at our first ever virtual conference, R LIVE 2020! This one-of-a-kind event elevated the connection between Rockhead members, vendor partners and industry guests. R LIVE was a beneficial digital experience with lively collaboration, new ideas, camaraderie and more. Attendees watched presentations for our annual Best Idea Contest and participated in learning opportunities around finance, operations and sales for their fabrication businesses. We also covered Benchmark Reporting, giving fab shop owners great insights into overall sales mix, details on P&Ls, and finding areas for financial improvements.

Our keynote speaker was Dave Robards, a real estate investor and sales coaching expert with Grant Cardone. Dave inspired our Group to create high performing sales teams who are not only capable of increasing revenue for their companies but also creating individual prosperity. If you’re ready to take your sales team to the next level, learn more about our Rockheads Sales University.

Meeting Recap

Day 1

The Best Idea Day

Rockheads members and vendors presented their best idea submissions.

Day 2

The Benchmark Day

Dave Robards, Grant Cardone:
How to Motivate Your Sales Teams

Day 2

The Benchmark Day

Ed Hill, Synchronous Solutions:
Throughput Scheduling & Lean Manufacturing

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