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Vendor Advantage


Foster programs that drive Group revenue and profit based on specific vendor offerings and member purchases


Provide vendor and member engagement through key events and initiatives that generate revenue for the Group and value for all parties.

Vendor PODs

Align vendors and members based on needs and by monitoring purchasing habits. We will also align vendors as “thought-leaders” to key product / services aside from their overall offering.

What Members Are Saying

I would like to let you know what the Rockheads have meant to me. Since joining we have purchased Stone Profits as well as a Baca Robot. Just the Rockheads discount on these two purchases have paid for my membership over and over again.

The knowledge and best practices that I have gained has allowed me to increase my profitability by 3 percent. This is a group of people that has changed my life. With the help of the members I have restructured my company in such a way that I do not have the stress I used to have by trying to do it all myself.

Thank you Rockheads.
Duan CoquiPresident Stone World
“Running a successful business is incredibly challenging and sometimes overwhelming. When we found the Rockhead Group, we realized that we did not have to go at this alone. The Rockheads are a group of best-in-class business owners that work hard every day to ensure their fabrication shops are profitable, to continue to be leaders in the industry, and to encompass all of the qualities of an organization that empowers employees to accomplish great things and covets Customers that never want to leave our side.

This network is filled with smart, compassionate people that want to continue to raise the bar within the countertop fabrication industry. While we have been able to share our ideas, best-practices, and work flow processes with the group; we have learned so much in return. We have been able to incorporate different techniques, new software, and improved ideologies to make us a better company. Inculcating all that we learn from each conference call, live meeting or site visit has truly improved our corporate culture, our overall efficiencies and our bottom line!”
Geoffrey GranTCF Midwest

“Getting involved with our industry is key for the success of the Rockheads.”

Jon Kaplan • Rockheads Group